Outsourced HR

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Are HR issues consuming your time? Having trouble focusing on the task of growing your business?  strategic HR, inc. can help! Let us be your HR, so you can be free to run your business.


Do your managers need coaching through the employee issues that arise – discipline, termination, and more? What are your employees really thinking? Stop guessing! Let strategic HR, inc. conduct an Employee Opinion Survey, find out!

Reasons Influencing Decision to Co-Source


Ø  Improve cost-effectiveness

Ø  Reduce administration costs

Ø  Redirect HR focus toward strategic planning

Ø  Allow companies to focus on core business

Ø  Provide seamless delivery of services

Ø  Capitalise on technological advantages/expertise

Ø  Improve customer service

Ø  Insufficient staff levels

Ø  Decrease response time to clients

Ø  Increase flexibility in handling special needs

Ø  Increase level of accuracy

Ø  Control legal risk/improve compliance


Tangible Cost Savings


Ø  Reduce employee turnover

Ø  Controlling absenteeism

Ø  More efficient use of HR systems & applications

Ø  Reduced administration costs

Ø  Flexible cost base

Ø  Training expenses

Ø  Hiring costs

Ø  Centralized efficiencies through use of call center hubs