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Talent Management

While HR has been around a very long time ago, talent management is a relative newcomer in helping companies manage and support their employees.  

Talent management is best understood as a thinking shift around the hiring, training, and retention of key employees.

It changes the focus from “Is this person a good fit for this role?” to “Is this person not only a good fit for this role, but also for the company as a whole, and for future roles they may inhabit?”

Talent management thus is an organization-wide, holistic strategy for hiring, training, and retaining top performing employees.

How Talent Management Differs From HR

Talent management differs from previous HR processes for hiring, training, and retaining employees—and indeed from HR itself—in several key ways:

  • Where hiring, training, and retention before were centralized in the HR department, with talent management many of these duties are federated to the front-line managers actually leading the employees in question.  In this way the whole organization is responsible for, and has a stake in these activities.
  • HR is more administrative-focused, dealing with pay, vacation days, benefits, and complaints, while talent management is almost singularly-focused on helping and improving the top talent in the organization.  Think professional development vs. tracking attendance.
  • Talent management is strategic, often manifesting as a company-wide long-term plan closely associated with overall business goals, while HR is more tactical, dealing with the day-to-day management of people.


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1.     Accounting & Finance  12.     Development and project  23.    Loges nice   transport                              

34. Driver & Machine operator

45. Casher 

 2.   Administration    13.      Economics    24.      management

35. Painter



 3.    Agriculture   14.       Education  25.     manufacturing  

36. Plumber

47.  Beautician

 4.     Architecture 15.       Engineering  26.      media and journalism 

37. Carpenter / wood work   


48. Cook

5.    Secretary / Office Assistant

16.      Environment and  Natural  27.      Natural sciences  

38 . Construction Worker


49. Waiter / Server

 6.      Banking  & insurance   17.     Event Management   28.      Pharmaceutical

39 . Metal Worker


50. Gardener 

 7.     Business Development   18.      Health care   29.      Purchasing  & Procurement

40.  General / Daily Laborer  

51. Maid

 8.    Communications PR  19.      oral & Hospitality  30.      Quality Assurance 

41. Mechanic


52. Washer

9.      Community  service           20.     Human Resource Recruit  31.      Research & Development

42. Automotive 


53. Nanny

 10.    consultancy & Training   21.      Information technology   32.      Sales & marketing

43. School / Sport / Music Tutor

 11.    customers vice  22.     Legal  33.        Security

44. Electrician