Bekat is a private company established under Ethiopian law and registered by Addis Ababa Administration Trade and Industry Bureau with Registration Number 1719/00868/03, accredited by Addis Ababa Administration Labour and Social Affairs Bureau. Currently its office are located.

  Head Office: in Arada sub city; Woreda 06 Piassa within 150 meters distance  on the road from Ras mekonnen Bridge to afenchober Roundabout Enhas Building 2nd      floor

 Oromia Regional state   -  Sub-city  - sebeta Awas  Daleate Building   2nd floor

Bekat is organized in a way that suits for its operation and has been operating successfully.  The top organ in the organizational structure is the General Manager who will be assisted by three division Heads. These Divisions are Administration and Finance, operation & Logistics and Marketing & sales.



Deliver high quality professional service that ensures value added return to company investment; customers; society and all stakeholders impacted by its business.



Be the nation’s leading HR recruitment and supply company.



ð Transparency, inclusiveness, equal opportunity.

ð Professional excellence; integrity; legal and ethical conduct.

ð Timeliness, quality in service, customer satisfaction.



ð On line and at office registration.

ð Screening of applicants documents; authentication of legality.

ð Receive job order from clients and serve accordingly.

ð Recruit and register employees with regular announcement on print and electronic media    outlets;   and billboards.

ð Establish long term partnership with potential employers.

ð Upon request of clients; conduct interview and give written test for prospective candidates.

ð Supply temporary employees.

ð HR and /or personnel administration manual development/adaptation..

ð HR needs assessment research.

ð Other on job Training and Developments.



ð Meeting the market demand via recruiting and supplying the right personnel to the right position

ð To close the ever existing communication gap between employers and job seekers.

ð To provide consistent high quality service.

ð To create job opportunity to the unemployed and to regularly fill up employers vacant positions.

ð Company Track Record –/ Recruitment, Supply and Out sourcing/



ð Increased operational efficacy.

ð Increased sales and marketing capabilities.

ð Expand human and structural capital/input based.

ð Enhance revenue generation; financial liquidity/ flow and credit worthiness.

ð Increase market share/value and profitability.

ð Increase public stake.


Operational Capacity

ð Fully furnished and equipped office.

ð IT assisted working system.

ð Well-developed data base and website.

ð Partnership and working relationship with relevant organizations.


Human Resource

ð Professional staff with relevant qualification in different disciplines/ Strategic and divers network.

ð Disciplined leadership: proactive and reactive, able to manage planned and emerging issues with equal success.

ð Clear organizational direction grounded in the certainty of a specific perspective; and open to quickly embrace the uncertain world of possibilities.

ð A conscious, controlled, and purposeful approach to achieve long term competitive advantage and success.

ð A high-end organizational systems and processes.

ð Routine sensing and understanding.

ð Able to respond swiftly and effectively to situations.

ð Capacity enhancing strategic alliance/networking with local /external actors.

ð Standard policy and operational manuals/procedures plus code of conduct.


ð Investment in people, information and technology enhancing bottom line performance. 

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